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ORIGIN: East London

Thomas Swallow

Thomas was born to Mary Jane (Marshall) and Thomas Swallow around 1887 in Whitechapel, East London. He is believed to be the the second eldest sibling.

Little is know of his early years although photos show that he served in the Army during WWI (see photo left taken 1915). During this period he met his wife Florence Warren and they were married sometime around September 1915. A photo of Thomas in his Army uniform and Florence in her wedding dress can be found here.

Thomas and Florence also entertained as 'clowns'. The photo found here is of them and is annotated on the rear '1914-1919', so it is assumed form this that they travelled entertaining during the war years. It is not known if this was part of their Army role or in a professional or amateur capacity.

On the 21 June 1922 the pair departed the Port Of London on board the S.S.Euripides bound for Albany (King George Sound), Western Australia. At this point nothing is known of their arrival and subsequent life in Australia. Family sources (s3225) say that they were unable to have their own children and so they adopted two on arrival in Australia - a boy and a girl.

The ship's passenger register lists that their address prior to sailing for Albany was 13 Cornwallis Street, Walthamstow, E17. The register - the relevant segment can be downloaded from the link below - lists Thomas' occupation as Fworker, although it is not clear what this is, It lists Flo's occupation as Housewife. Their respective ages at the time of the voyage are given as 35 and 22. Research continues.

Link to Thomas and Flo's Wedding Picture

Link to Thomas and Flo's Clown Picture

Link to details of voyage and S.S. Euripides.

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FGN Yes 1st Feb 2009 Downloadable as a pdf file
Census Summary Not Available 1st Feb 2009
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Photo Yes 1st Feb 2009 See links above
Birth Certificate No 1st Feb 2009
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Death Certificate No 1st Feb 2009
Children Yes 1st Feb 2009 Believed to have  adopted two
Parents Yes 1st Feb 2009 Thomas Swallow & Mary Jane Marshall - s3192