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Swallow Family History - Hertfordshire, East London and Beyond
Welcome to the SRC

The Swallow (Family) Resource Centre - SRC - aims to provide a central repository of information regarding the family line originating from Little Hadham Hertfordshire UK.

Through these pages you can access details of over 500 members of the Swallow family. This branch of the family tree stretched from Little Hadham, Great Munden and Standon in Hertfordshire into London's East End and out to Romford, Surrey, Cheshire and Wales. Direct links also exist from Little Hadham and London into New York City, Australia and the Caribbean. No doubt others will be forthcoming.

The SRC is very much a ‘work-in-progress’ and as with any genealogy programme the collation and verification of information is ‘on-going’ and it is important to remember this. The ultimate aim of the SRC is to provide the definitive reference work with respect to the Hertfordshire and East End Swallow Family.


Work on this resource, by the very nature of family history, will never cease. This type of enquiry will carry on but we now ask you to begin to feed in qualified information about deaths in the family and where these individuals are buried. Just a reminder, a female Swallow has to be differentiated between a lady marrying in to the Swallow family and one born directly into it. This is especially true for burial records. Lots of subsequent problems if we get this element wrong!

A number of family history organisations are collecting event certificates. For instance the Founders (pictured sartorially to the right!) have, over the years, spent a fair bit of money buying in certificates which we use once and they then remain as a paper record for ever after. Little else is done with them. One of the repositories in the Resource will be certificate images that will become available on demand, in due course. A fair number of contributors have already donated their certificates and we are ready to receive and store yours too. An index will be created so that searches will be possible.

If your research is relevant to the SRC we hope that you will contact us as the more researchers we have in the group the better is the quality of the data held and which is then circulated between us. We would welcome contact from you if you do not agree with the data we currently hold about a given individual. Being told we have got it wrong is as useful to us as being told that we have got it right. Of course the data might have come from another researcher and we will know who that is and can suggest a review. The main point being not how sensitive our egos are but can you improve the accuracy of our data. Bear in mind that having a name other than Swallow does not bar you from entry. You may have vital bits of our puzzles and we may hold keys to your brick walls. We have already indexed the names marrying in to the Swallow family, and the results are on this website already! Click on the Contact SRC link in the header above to send us an email.

Quick Start Guide to SRC

The SRC is expanding. Much of the structure is already in place but there are a few gaps as the information is transferred and published. For a quick start guide to using the SRC please go to the  Quick Start Guide.

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Swallow's Abroad

The Swallow family have certainly spread across the globe and there are records to show that individuals from Little Hadham and East London have relocated to Australia, America and even the Caribbean – not always of their own accord!  Click on the Swallow Migration link to find out more.   

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Other Surnames in the SRC

There are ‘other’ surnames that have had their impact on the Swallow family by fate of marriage. Daughters loose their Swallow name to take on a new one, whilst other daughters inherit the name by marriage too.

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Other Swallow Branches

This website currently deals primarily with those Swallow's who can trace their roots to Herts. There are other centres of Swallow generations in the UK. These may or may not be linked by DNA. See  Other Swallow Branches link to find out more of the 3000 other Swallow families we know about!

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Useful Links

A selection of the best websites - in our opinion - for family history

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History Pages

Anecdotes and story's of the Swallow Family from Herts and beyond.

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Picture Pages