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The Swallow Family in Adelaide
Adelaide 1888

Bruce Smith visited the State Records Office in Adelaide in February 2008 and undertook some preliminary but reasonably extensive detective work at that office. The period of search covered 1842 to 1972 and included BMD records, Passenger List Records the 1841 Census Records, and a wide variety of other registers such as applications for transit, penal records, emigrant registers (1836-1841) and so forth.  Some births and deaths were located, no marriages whatsoever.

The search really showed that the 'Swallow' name is extremely rare in South Australia. Indeed a search of the telephone records covering the greater Adelaide area for February 2008 showed only four listings of the name. In the afore mentioned period only one family are recorded plus two other individuals.


George Henry Swallow (1889-1919)

George Henry Swallow was born circa 1889 and applied for transit to Australia as an Agricultural Labourer. His application was accepted by S. Dunstan located at Mclaren Vale. (Documents relating to this application have been requested from the SRO and details will appear here in due course.) George died aged 40 years as a single man. Listed as 'of Aldinga'(45 km south of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula and today a local holiday destination) he died in Keswick Hospital on 20 Nov 1919 (Keswick being a near suburb of Adelaide). (BMD references b433 p388.)


Hiram Swallow (circa 1918) and Eliza Sykes

The origin of Hiram and Eliza are not known but they appear to have been an unlucky family with three of their four recorded children dying within a month of birth. It would seem that they too both died at early ages. Although there is no records for Eliza, Hiram died on 18th November 1853 ­– place and reason not recorded, although Hiram listed as being 'of Adelaide' (district: Ade b3, p19).

Sarah Ellen Swallow born on 26th April 1849 at Adelaide (district: Ade b3, p84). Died within five hours of birth – place and reason not recorded (district: Ade b1, p161).

Helen Swallow born on 14th July 1850 at Glen Osmond Hills (district: Ade b3, p84) – no other info.

Samuel Swallow born on 10th March 1852 at Adelaide (district: Ade b3, p342). Died 17 days later on 27 March 1852 – place and reason not recorded. Noted as being 'of Thebarton' (district: Ade b2, p128).

William Henry Swallow born on 27 February 1853 at Adelaide (district: Ade b4, p124). Died one month later on 31st March 1853 – place and reason not recorded. Noted as being 'of Adelaide' (district: Ade b2, p199).


Mrs Swallow (d1849)

There is one other reference to the name Swallow. It was found in the Royal Adelaide Hospital Admissions for the period 1840 to 1904. It records Mrs Swallow as being admitted on 13th June 1849 aged 30 years and as being married.  She died in hospital on 29th July 1849 with a diagnosis of 'Continued Fever'. No further information in relation to this family could be found. (GRG 78/49 V1).