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Images from the Swallow Family

Photos are an ageless way to capture specific moments in time. Early images of not just our ancestors but also the places where they lived help to give us a better overall understanding of their life and times. The links below provide access to Photo Pages which contain some amazingly interesting pictures of just such people and pages. Right click on the link and select the 'open in new window' option if you wish to keep this page visible on screen to allow you to navigate you way through them.

Check out also the History Pages for reflections of Swallow people and places.


Link Notes
Home Farm Workers Including Ambrose Swallow - s0001
Jimmy Too James Swallow - s1403
Mary Swallow With Grandchildren - s3199
Robert Swallow Wedding With brothers and sisters - s3223
Seaside Outing Including Winifred Swallow - s3198
Couples Night Out Including Winifred Swallow - s3198
Holiday Fun Including Doris Swallow - s3226
Alpheus Swallow Including 2nd wife Minnie Wann - s1060
John Swallow c1937 Including the Mallinder side of family - s0022
Thomas & Flo Wedding Wedding around 1915 - s3351
Thomas & Flo as Clowns Thomas & Flo - s3351 - 1914-1919
Robert Swallow Robert Swallow - s3199
Walter & Agnes Swallow Wedding Group with Walter & Agnes Swallow (s0789) taken at Harpenden Common - Summer 1902.