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Swallow Family History - Hertfordshire, East London and Beyond

Listed below in alphabetical order of forename are Swallow's currently held within the SRC. If a link is provided in the FGN column you can click on this to up go to the correct page. If no link is given you should note the FGN number, Then go to the FGN Index and scroll to the noted FGN number and click on the link given. Last updated 3rd Mar 2010.

ForenameYearParent SwallowPlace of Birth FGN
Ada 1859 Harpenden s1007y
Ada Rose 1866 William Harpenden s0042
Ada 1880 Charles Standon s3235
Agnes 1861 James Little Hadham s0020
Agnes 1878 Ambrose Little Hadham s0001
Albert 1883 James Little Hadham s1403
Alfred 1845 John Standon s0775
Alfred 1852 John Little Hadham s0026
Alfred 1878 William Standon s3232
Alfred 1900 Alfred Albert Lambeth s3232
Alfred 1904 Thomas Bethnal Green s3362
Alfred 1924 Thomas Bethnal Green s3263
Alice 1804 George Harpenden s0684
Alice 1859 John Kimpton s0685
Alice 1866 Michael Little Haddam s0760
Alice 1876 Thomas Gustard Wood s0063
Alice 1890 Edmund Little Hadham s3239
Alpheus 1875 Michael Little Haddam s1060
Amanda 1964 Robert W. s3386
Ambrose 1855 James Little Hadham s0001
Amelia 1849 James Little Hadham s0020
Ann 1700 John Kimpton s0230
Ann 1757 John Kimpton s0228
Ann 1790 Michael Little Hadham s0758
Ann 1794 Thomas Little Hadham s0793
Ann 1796 s0068
Ann 1797 George Harpenden s0227
Ann 1800 James Little Hadham s0015
Ann 1816 Thomas Little Hadham s0062
Ann 1824 John Little Hadham s0028
Ann 1831 Edmund Little Hadham s0006
Ann 1838 Edmund Little Hadham s0006
Ann 1845 William
Ann 1847 Thomas Harpenden s0715
Ann 1859 -UNKNOWN- Little Hadham t0016
Anne 1817 James Little Hadham s0016
Annie 1865 James Barkway s1030
Annie 1865 John New Barnet s0982
Annie 1874 George West Ham s0010
Annie 1878 James Little Hadham s1403
Annie 1883 George Ware s1908
Annie 1895 William George Canning Town s2186
Arthur 1862 John Buntingford s0982
Arthur 1875 James Newsells Barkway s0056
Arthur 1880 George Romford s3206
Arthur 1890 William George Canning Town s2186
Bella 1929 Alfred Henry Bethnal Green s3378
Benjamin 1893 Thomas Bethnal Green s3192
Benjamin 1923 Robert Mile End s3225
Benjamin 1938 Alfred Henry Bethnal Green s3263
Betsy 1869 William Standon s0057
Brian c1949 Alfred Henry s3367
Carole 1939 William George Rufus Thornton Heath s0023
Caroline 1842 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Charles 1831 John s0028
Charles 1860 William Standon s0002
Charles 1875 John New Barnet s0982
Charles 1880 Ambrose Albury s0001
Charles 1897 William George Canning Town s2186
Charlotte 1784 Michael Little Hadham s0033
Charlotte 1862 Michael Little Haddam s0034
Christine 1949 Benjamin P. St. Pancras s3229
Claire 1960 John Beckenham Maternity Hospital s0785
Clement 1586 Hertfordshire s1040
Clement 1611 Clement Bengeo s1040
Daisey 1881 James Newsells Barkway s0779
Daphne 1939 William George Rufus Thornton Heath s0052
David 1979 John St Thomas Hospital s0022
Debra 1955 Robert W. s3822
Denis 1949 Robert W. s3383
Derek c1949 Alfred Henry s3368
Diana 1969 Benjamin s3365
Doris 1925 Robert Whitechapel s3226
Dorothy 1892 John Standon s1027
Edgar 1903 John Standon s1027
Edmund 1812 Michael Little Hadham s0032
Edmund 1814 Michael Little Hadham s0006
Edmund 1839 Edmund Little Hadham s3239
Edmund 1874 Edmund Little Hadham s3239
Edward 1696 John Kimpton s0230
Edward 1834 Little Hadham s0934
Edward 1847 Edmund Little Hadham s0006
Edward 1887 John Little Hormead s1027
Edwin 1879 James Newsells Barkway s0056
Eliza 1883 John Little Hadham s1421
Eliza 1891 Henry Wellington Cross s3248
Elizabeth 1726 John Wheathampstead s0229
Elizabeth 1729 William Great Munden s0048
Elizabeth 1730 William Great Munden s0048
Elizabeth 1735 William Great Munden s0048
Elizabeth 1752 John Great Munden s0025
Elizabeth 1756 William Great Munden s0047
Elizabeth 1764 Michael Great Munden s0668
Elizabeth 1784 Thomas Little Hadham s0061
Elizabeth 1792 James Little Hadham s0985
Elizabeth 1799 George Harpenden s0227
Elizabeth 1818 Michael Little Hadham s0032
Elizabeth 1837 William Little Hadham s0049
Elizabeth 1872 James Newsells Barkway s0056
Elizabeth 1879 George Ware s1908
Elizabeth 1881 William Paddington s3243
Elizabeth 1889 John Standon s1357
Elizabetha 1725 Gulielmi Benington t0042
Elizabeth Sophia 1829 William The Hadhams s0051
Ellen 1855 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Ellen 1861 George Barkway s0786
Ellen 1866 James Little Hadham s0020
Ellen 1872 George Hertford s3206
Ellen 1881 Enock Harpenden s1343
Ellen 1885 Ambrose Little Hadham s0001
Ellen 1886 John Little Hadham s1421
Emelia 1834 William s1007
Emily 1851 George Little Hadham s0010
Emily 1858 James Barkway s0056
Emily 1868 George Hertford s3206
Emily 1869 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Emily 1873 Thomas Chipstead s3230
Emily 1875 George Ware s1908
Emily 1878 Charles Standon s3234
Emily 1879 Edmund s3239
Emma 1822 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
Emma 1831 London t0040
Emma 1836 Thomas Harpenden s0226
Emma 1840 William Little Hadham s0049
Emma 1844 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Emma 1864 William s0057
Emma 1872 John New Barnet s0982
Enock 1842 Thomas Harpenden s0653
Ernest 1902 John Standon s1055
Esther 1832 Michael Little Hadham s0032
Eva 1900 William George Canning Town s2186
Felix 1863 James Little Hadham s3207
Francis 1894 William Newsells Village s0017
Frank 1887 John Little Hadham s1421
Fred 1885 James Little Hadham s1403
Frederick 1876 Edmund Little Hadham s3239
George 1772 John Kimpton s0227
George 1825 James Little Hadham s0010
George 1825 Michael Little Hadham s0032
George 1835 Edmund Little Hadham s0006
George 1839 John Little Hadham s0786
George 1841 James Little Hadham s3206
George 1848 Thomas Little Hadham s1908
George 1848 William Harpenden
George 1862 William Harpenden s0042
George 1870 George Hertford s3206
George 1870 John New Barnet s0982
George 1871 William Standon s0057
George 1877 George Ware s1908
George 1886 Ambrose s0001
George 1899 John Little Hadham s3240
Georgina 1862 George West Ham s0010
Gulielmi t0042
Gulielmus 1724 Gulielmi Benington t0042
Gwen 1927 Alfred Henry Bethnal Green s3677
Hannah 1769 John Kimpton s0228
Hannah 1782 Michael Little Hadham s0033
Hannah 1817 London t0041
Henriett 1825 William Bishops Stortford s0051
Harriet 1857 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Harriet 1866 Michael Little Haddam s0034
Harry 1870 James Newsells Barkway s0056
Harry 1876 George Romford s3206
Henry 1843 John Standon s3248
Henry 1856 Little Hadham s0026
Henry 1856 John Bishop's Stortford s3216
Henry 1860 George s0786
Henry 1860 John Buntingford s0982
Henry 1871 Thomas Gustard Wood s0063
Henry 1873 Henry Hanmer s3248
Henry 1876 Enock Harpenden s0653
Herbert 1887 George Romford s3206
Herbert 1893 Ambrose s0001
Howard 1889 Jane Bishops Stortford s3371
Howard 1901 John Little Hadham s1421
Jack 1924 John West Ham s1174
James 1758 John Kimpton s0228
James 1765 William Great Munden s0015
James 1790 James Little Hadham s0016
James 1810 George Harpenden s0227
James 1816 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
James 1819 John Little Hadham s0028
James 1820 James Little Hadham s0020
James 1830 Michael Little Hadham s0032
James 1833 Unknown Little Hadham s0019
James 1836 John Little Hadham s0056
James 1844 William Little Hadham s1403
James 1846 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
James 1857 William s0057
James 1864 George West Ham s0010
James 1889 John Standon s1027
Jane 1798 James Little Hadham s0015
Jane 1829 John Little Hadham s0028
Jane 1875 John Little Hadham s3370
Jane 1958 Leslie Edward Farnborough Hospital s1422
Jemima 1864 Michael Little Haddam s0034
John s0230x
John 1668 John s0230
John 1692 William Great Munden t0003
John 1698 John Kimpton s0229
John 1725 William Great Munden s0025
John 1728 John Wheathampstead s0228
John 1750 William Great Munden s0047
John 1752 John Wheathampstead s0228
John 1756 John Great Munden s0025
John 1795 James Little Hadham s0015
John 1796 James Little Hadham s0028
John 1811 James Little Hadham s0775
John 1816 Michael Little Hadham s3216
John 1834 John Little Hadham s0982
John 1843 James Little Hadham s0020
John 1843 John Little Hadham s3216
John 1844 Little Hadham s0026
John 1851 Thomas Little Hadham s1421
John 1852 William The Hadhams s0051
John 1862 William New Street s1027
John 1867 James Barkway s0056
John 1871 Edmund High Easter s3240
John 1871 Thomas Marylebone s3230
John 1878 George Upminster s3206
John 1878 John Little Hadham s1421
John 1894 John Standon s1174
John 1934 William George Rufus London Hospital s0022
Joseph 1844 Edmund Little Hadham s0006
Julia 1865 John Bishop's Stortford s3216
Julia 1892 John Little Hadham s1421
Kate 1875 Thomas Chipstead s3230
Katharine 1964 John Caterham s0784
Kathleen 1921 John s1174
Lennie 1936 Alfred Henry Bethnal Green s3381
Leslie 1919 John Hertford s1385
Leslie 1957 Leslie Edward Farnborough Hospital s1412
Lilian 1868 George West Ham s0010
Lillian 1896 John Standon s1027
Lizzie 1865 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Lizzie 1897 William Newsells Village s0017
Louisa 1823 Michael Little Hadham s0032
Louisa 1832 James Little Hadham s3205
Louisa 1843 William
Lucy 1867 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Lucy 1872 Thomas Gustard Wood s0063
Margaret 1786 Thomas Little Hadham s0793
Maria 1840 William s1007y
Martha 1727 John Wheathampstead s0229
Martha 1761 John Great Munden s0025
Martha 1788 James Little Hadham s0669
Martha 1891 Thomas Bethnal Green s3227
Mary 1687 William Great Munden t0003
Mary 1734 John Wheathampstead s0229
Mary 1754 John Great Munden s0025
Mary 1784 Thomas Little Hadham s0793
Mary 1785 James Little Hadham s0015
Mary 1807 Michael Little Hadham s0032
Mary 1813 James Little Hadham s0016
Mary 1820 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
Mary 1836 William Little Hadham s0049
Mary 1840 Little Hadham s0026
Mary 1840 John Little Hadham s3216
Mary 1850 George Little Hadham s0010
Mary 1858 James Little Hadham s0020
Mary 1860 Thomas Little Hadham s0066
Mary 1866 George Ware s3206
Mary 1873 William Standon s0057
Mary 1880 William George Plaistow s2186
Mary 1884 Thomas Bethnal Green s3192
Mary 1890 George Much Hadham s1908
Matilida 1838 William s1007
Matthew 1874 Henry Wellington Cross s3249
Michael 1731 William Great Munden s0668
Michael 1748 William Great Munden s0033
Michael 1786 Michael Little Hadham s0032
Michael 1841 Edmund Little Hadham s0034
Nicholas 1984 John St Thomas Hospital s0022
Oprah 1833 William Little Hadham s0049
Patricia 1947 Benjamin P. Poplar s3225
Priscilla 1816 George Harpenden s0227
Rachael 1888 Ambrose Little Hadham s0001
Rahmar 1880 William Standon s0057
Richard 1767 John Great Munden s0025
Richard 1931 Ernest Albert s1056
Robert 1752 William Great Munden s0047
Robert 1897 Thomas Bethnal Green s3199
Robert 1918 Robert Whitechapel s3223
Robert 1957 Robert W. North Bucks s3385
Rosa 1885 George Ware s1908
Rosetta 1884 Edmund Bishop's Stortford s3239
Rufus 1876 Michael Little Haddam s0043
Samantha 1964 Benjamin s3363
Sarah 1722 John Wheathampstead s0229
Sarah 1726 Gulielmi Benington t0042
Sarah 1751 John Great Munden s0025
Sarah 1755 William Great Munden s0047
Sarah 1775 Michael s0680
Sarah 1803 James Little Hadham s0984
Sarah 1815 James Little Hadham s0016
Sarah 1828 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
Sarah 1860 George West Ham s0010
Sarah 1863 Michael Little Haddam s1062
Sarah 1867 William Standon s3233
Sarah 1887 William George Canning Town s2186
Sarah 1900 George Romford s3206
Solomon 1852 James Little Hadham s0020
Solomon 1879 Ambrose Little Hadham s0001
Sophia 1880 Standon s0934
Susan 1752 John Great Munden s0025
Susan 1920 Robert Whitechapel s3224
Susan 1958 Leslie Edward Farnborough s1481
Susanna 1802 George Harpenden s1006
Susanna 1803 Thomas Little Hadham s0793
Susannah 1734 William Great Munden s0048
Susannah 1825 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
Susannah 1873 Michael Little Haddam s1059
Tamar 1882 Edmund Bishop's Stortford s3239
Thoams William s0055
Thomas 1734 William Great Munden s0048
Thomas 1755 John Kimpton s0228
Thomas 1757 William Great Munden s0793
Thomas 1764 s0061
Thomas 1789 Thomas Little Hadham s0793
Thomas 1790 s0758
Thomas 1792 Michael Little Hadham s0067
Thomas 1796 s0068
Thomas 1812 George Harpenden s0226
Thomas 1823 James Little Hadham s0066
Thomas 1827 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
Thomas 1830 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
Thomas 1841 John Little Hadham s3230
Thomas 1846 s0063
Thomas 1848 Alfred James Little Hadham s0026
Thomas 1848 John Little Hadham s3217
Thomas 1862 William Clerkenwell s3192
Thomas 1869 Michael Little Haddam s0034
Thomas 1887 Thomas Whitechapel s3361
Thomas 1931 Alfred Henry Bethanl Green s3379
Valma 1935 Alfred Henry Bethnal Green s3380
Varnal 1828 James Little Hadham s0016
Walter 1857 William Harpenden s0042
Walter 1878 Enock Harpenden s0789
Walter 1880 John Little Hadham s3369
Walter 1900 Thomas Bethnal Green s3192
Wendy 1957 Robert W. North Bucks s3384
William 1665 t0003
William 1689 William Great Munden s0048
William 1695 John s0230
William 1723 John Wheathampstead s0229
William 1723 William Great Munden s0047
William 1761 Michael Hatfield s0668
William 1763 John Great Munden s0025
William 1791 Thomas Little Hadham s0061
William 1791 Thomas Little Hadham s0793
William 1792 Thomas Little Hadham s0061
William 1792 Thomas Little Hadham s0793
William 1807 George Harpenden s1007
William 1807 James Little Hadham s0049
William 1809 James Little Hadham s0016
William 1824 Thomas Little Hadham s0068
William 1827 John Little Hadham s3202
William 1828 s0055
William 1832 John Standon s0057
William 1832 William s1007
William c1842 Unknown Harpenden s0042
William 1846 Little Hadham s0026
William 1846 John Little Hadham s3216
William 1853 George Bishop's Stortford s2186
William 1858 John Buntingford s3243
William 1862 James Barkway s0017
William 1866 Thomas Gustard Wood s0063
William 1874 George Hertford s3206
William 1876 Enock Harpenden s0007
William 1877 James Little Hadham s1403
William 1881 William George Canning Town s2186
William 1884 William Kilburn s3243
William 1886 John Little Hormead s1027
William 1888 Thomas Jul-Aug-Sep 1888 s3192
William 1891 William Newsells Village s0017
William 1908 Rufus Mile End s0052
Winifred 1931 Robert Bethnal Green s3198