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The Swallow Family Around the World
Adelaide 1901

Swallow migration to other shores has certainly taken place and there are records to show that individuals from Little Hadham and East London have relocated to Australia, America and even the Caribbean – not always of their own accord! This page provides access to records such as these and as with the rest of the SRC they will hopefully continue to grow. In addition these pages also include records of Swallow family members whose actual point of origin from the UK cannot, as of yet, be defined.  The links in the table below provide access to information held at present.

If you have information relating to Swallow family in different parts of the world then please contact us for inclusion.


Country & Area Notes
Australia: NSW No Information as of yet
Australia: Queensland No Information as of yet
Australia: South Australia Yes - select link
Australia: Victoria No Information as of yet
Australia: Western Australia Yes - select link
USA : New York Yes - pending Upload
Caribbean Yes - pending upload