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Swallow Family History - Hertfordshire, East London and Beyond

There are many ‘other’ surnames that have had their impact on the Swallow family by fate of marriage. Daughters loose their Swallow name to take on a new one, whilst other daughters inherit the Swallow name by marriage too. Click on the Surnames link to find details of  these influences.  

Note in general the SRC follows the paternal line of the Swallow name as this is the portion that is ‘kept alive’. A Swallow daughter marring ‘out’ of the Swallow family is recorded with her husband and their children, however, this is the point at which the ‘diversion’ stops (see FGN Link for more details).

The Family Group Number or FGN is fundamental to tracking information within this study. The practice of naming children for previous family members makes for a quaint family tradition but the resultant myriad of George’s, William’s, Charles’, James’ and the like can cause confusion – the FGN was devised as a useful tool around this. The FGN principle is simple so please take time out to ensure you understand how it works by going to the FGN Explained Page.  

An alphabetical list of other surnames in the SRC can be found on the Surname Index page.