Swallow Resource Centre
Swallow Family History - Hertfordshire, East London and Beyond
Guide to Using the SRC

The SRC is expanding. Much of the structure is already in place but there are a few gaps as the information is transferred and published. The Update Page will keep you abreast with a list of new information as it is placed on-line.

The Family Group Number or FGN is fundamental to tracking information within this study. The practice of naming children for previous family members makes for a quaint family tradition but the resultant myriad of George’s, William’s, Charles’, James’ and the like can cause confusion – the FGN was devised as a useful tool around this. The FGN principle is simple so please take time out to ensure you understand how it works by going to the FGN Explained Page.  

A good starting place is the FGN List – this is a list arranged numerically by FGN number, of the Swallow spouse in each family (this list will naturally grow as new families are added to the database and SRC). Simply click on the FGN Number link to be taken to a page specifically devoted to the Family Group (the FGP – The Family Group Page).
The Name List provides an alphabetical list by forename of all Swallows currently in the SRC database (likewise this will be a growing list). This includes the children of Swallow spouses and includes their FGN. Thus this is a good way to locate unmarried children who have not been allocated a unique FGN.
Family Group Pages provide expanding information about the family. This includes details of information available, narrative and where available photographs. This is very much the work in progress portion of the SRC.  The best way to see what is available is to look at a few FGPs. In many instances further information is available from the FGP. For example it is possible to download a detailed account of the Family Group by clicking on the FGN link – this will open an Adobe Acrobat pdf file containing the information about the entire group.
NB: Adobe Acrobat pdf files readers are available free of charge. Many computers have them already installed. Click on the file to see if it opens. If it does not then you can download the latest version from www.adobe.com.

You will also find photo pages and  history pages and clicking on either of these links, or those in the sidebar above, will lead you to an index of what is currently available.

To see FGN's in action check out the FGN Index page.

Much of the information in these pages has been verified by at least two reputable sources where possible. However, it is far from finished...
The two most common sources are the official Census Returns and local Parish Records. However, mistakes will undoubtedly still exist and part of the process of publishing this information is to help improve the accuracy of it.

A common source of error in researching family history is that people do not double check their information and are also often not prepared to accept that information they have accepted as accurate may indeed be far from it. Family History requires flexibility and an open mind and it is on this basis that this information is supplied and, in essence, what the SRC is about.
Check and challenge everything. Confirmation of accuracy is a great reward, but so is recognising when something is plain wrong.