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WEDDING of walter swallow (s0789) AND Agnes goodyear - group picture at harpenden Common

The picture below shows the marriage party gathering for Walter Swallow and Agnes Goodyear in the summer of 1902. It was taken on Harpenden Common by the Bar Lamb Trees and was supplied by Graham Swallow, the grandson of the bride and groom. Details of those in the picture are given below.


Pictured left to right: Back Row: Jane Smith, Bert Smith, Enock Swallow (s0653), Sarah Powell (tbc), Emily Goodyear, Arthur Goodyear (between bride and groom), Margaret Hawksworth (nee Goodyear), William Swallow (s0007), tbc - Nell Swallow/Emily Goodyear (see note below), George Goodyear.

Front Row: William Smith (seated), Julia Ann Swallow (s0653 nee Johnson), tbc - Nell Swallow (standing), Walter Swallow (Groom), Agnes Goodyear (Bride), tbc - Nell Swallow/Elizabeth Swallow (nee Attwood), Sarah Goodyear (seated), Fred Goodyear (Seated). Children: Bert Smith Jnr, Grace Smith, Unknown.

As can be seen there is some confusion as to the exact identity of Nell Swallow, Emily Goodyear and Elizabeth Attwood.

A larger version of the picture can be displayed by clicking here.