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The picture below was taken at the wedding of Robert 'Bobby' Swallow to Dorothy ('Dolly') Tuck. The marriage took place in the first quarter of 1951 in London's East End and shows a grouping of the family of Robert and Mary Swallow (s3199). Mary Swallow (nee Cawthorne) is pictured in the image.

Robert Swallow Wedding

Pictured Far Back Row - left to right: Rosie Gilmore (nee Tuck - bride's youngest sister), Carry Swallow (s3225), Alfred Evans, Mary Swallow (s3199), George Lakin, Susan Lakin (nee Swallow s3224).

Pictured front row - left to right: Benny Swallow (s3225), Robert Swallow (s3223), Dorothy Swallow (nee Tuck), Winifred Swallow (s3198), Terry Lakin (s3224), Doris Evans (nee Swallow s3226): Children left front are Christine Swallow (s3225) and Patricia Swallow (s3225).

Bobby is pictured below in his HMS Kimberley uniform, followed by images of HMS Kimberley and HMS Belfast in action.

Link to FGN s3223 - Robert Swallow

Robert Swallow c1939

HMS Kimberley 

HMS Belfast

Above: HMS Kimberley during WWII. And the HMS Belfast here in action bombarding Korea.

Link to FGN s3223 - Robert Swallow