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Swallow Family History - Hertfordshire, East London and Beyond

Listed below in numerical FGN order are Swallow's currently held within the SRC. Simply locate the person you are after and click on the FGN link for more information. If you do not understand the FGN system then please click here for an explanation.

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FGNSwallowYearParent Spouse
s0001 Ambrose 1855 s0020 Amelia
s0002 Charles 1860 s0057 Esther HARVEY
s0006 Edmund 1814 s0032 Sarah CARTER
s0007 William 1876 s0653 Elizabeth Annie ATTWOOD
s0009 George 1847 s1906 Ellen
s0010 George 1825 s0016 Mary
s0015 James 1765 s0047 Jane SCHOLLING
s0016 James 1790 s0015 Susan GILLETT
s0017 William 1862 s0056 Elizabeth Frances CLIBBINS
s0019 James 1833 UnKn Jane
s0020 James 1820 s0016 Mary Ann BARDWELL
s0022 John 1934 s0052 Sheila Elizabeth BELL
s0023 Carole 1939 s0052 Michael BOTTING
s0025 John 1725 s0048 Sarah LARKEN
s0026 Alfred 1852 s3216 Mary Ann SMITH
s0028 John 1796 s0015 Mary HUCHIN
s0032 Michael 1786 s0033 Henrietta SHARP
s0033 Michael 1748 s0047 Sarah KIRBY
s0034 Michael 1841 s0006 Sarah WOODHOUSE
s0042 William c1842 Unknown Rose
s0043 Rufus 1876 s0034 Alice Elizabeth FORDER
s0047 William 1723 s0048 Sarah BUTLER
s0048 William 1689 t0003 Elizabeth
s0049 William 1807 s0015 Ann GILLETT
s0051 William c1800 Unknown Elizabeth NICHOLLS
s0052 William 1908 s0043 Grace Lilian MALLINDER
s0055 Thoams s0055
s0055 William 1828 Ann
s0056 James 1836 s0775 Ann MANNING
s0057 William 1832 s0775 Caroline REED
s0061 Thomas 1764 Unknown Mary
s0062 Ann 1816 s0061 Joshua REVELS
s0063 Thomas 1846 Unknown Louise
s0066 Thomas 1823 s0016 Ann
s0067 Thomas 1792 s0033 Millicent ALLEN
s0068 Thomas 1796 Unknown Ann SWALLOW
s0068 Ann 1796 Unknown Thomas SWALLOW
s0226 Thomas 1812 s0227 Ann BATES
s0227 George 1772 s0228 Susanna DREAMER
s0684 Alice 1804 s0227 Thomas LUCK
s0228 John 1728 s0229 Elizabeth CONSTABLE /  Mary Lincoln / Elizabeth WILDS
s0229 John 1698 s0230 Elisabeth
s0230 John 1668 s0230x Sarah
s0230x John 1638 Unknown  
s0653 Enock 1842 s0226 Julia Ann JOHNSON
s0668 Michael 1731 s0048 Elizabeth HETHERINGTON
s0669 Martha 1788 s0015 Thomas CHILDS
s0680 Sarah 1775 s0033 Benjamin BISHOP
s0684 Alice 1804 s0227 Thomas LUCK
s0685 Alice 1859 s0228 Valentine GUTTERIDE
s0715 Ann 1847 s0226 Walter WHEELER
s0758 Thomas 1790 Unknown Ann SWALLOW
s0758 Ann 1790 s0033 Thomas SWALLOW
s0760 Alice 1866 s0034
s0775 John 1811 s0016 Elizabeth HOLGATE
s0779 Daisy 1881 s0056 Arthure COLES
s0784 Katharine 1964 s0022 Stephen COTNEY
s0785 Claire 1960 s0022 Jon SIMMONS
s0786 George 1839 s0775 Emma HAYDEN
s0789 Walter 1878 s0653 Agnes GOODYEAR
s0793 Thomas 1757 s0047 Mary MERIDETH
s0934 Sophia 1810 Unknown Unknown
s0982 John 1834 s0775 Emma DILLEY
s0984 Sarah 1803 s0015 John HALE
s0985 Elizabeth 1792 s0015 Thomas SMITH
s1006 Susanna 1802 s0227 William LOVELL
s1007 William 1807 s0227 Elizabeth HALL
s1007y Maria 1840 s1007
s1007y Ada 1859 s1007y
s1027 John 1862 s0057 Minnie GINN
s1030 Annie 1865 s0056 George Henry WRIGHT
s1040 Clement 1586 Unknown Francis NORTH
s1055 Ernest 1902 s1027 Florence Amelia FARROW
s1056 Richard 1931 s1055 Living PAYNE
s1059 Susannah 1873 s0034
s1060 Alpheus 1875 s0034 Mary THURGOOD/Minnie WANN
s1061 Stewart 1906 s1060 Avril Mary COLES
s1062 Sarah 1863 s0034 Daniel GOULD
s1174 John 1894 s1027 Kate Alice SYDEE
s1343 Ellen 1881 s0653 Arthur GOODYEAR
s1357 Elizabeth 1889 s1027 CROOK
s1385 Leslie 1919 s1174 Rita GARWOOD
s1403 James 1844 s0049 Mary PETCHEY
s1412 Leslie 1957 s1385 Michael James BATSON
s1421 John 1851 s0066 Jane
s1422 Jane 1958 s1385 Robert Garfield PLUMB
s1481 Susan 1958 s1385 David John GREGORY
s1906 tbc      
s1908 George 1848 s0066 Mary Ann EDWARDS
s2186 William 1853 s0010 Elizabeth
s3192 Thomas 1862 s3202 Mary Jane MARSHALL
s3198 Winifred 1931 s3192 Francis Colin SMITH
s3199 Robert 1897 s3192 Mary CAWTHORNE
s3202 William 1827 s0028 Mary WHILTON
s3205 Louisa 1832 s0016 -UNKNOWN-
s3206 George 1841 s0020 Jane COE
s3206 Herbert 1886 s3206 (None)
s3207 Felix 1863 s0020 Lucy Alice GILLETT
s3216 John 1816 s0032 Mary Ann
s3217 Thomas 1848 s3216 Sarah GILBERY
s3223 Robert 1918 s3199 Dorothy TUCK
s3224 Susan 1920 s3199 George LAKIN
s3225 Benjamin 1923 s3199 Caroline E. PLASTER
s3226 Doris 1925 s3199 Alfred F. EVANS
s3227 Martha 1891 s3192 Edward James BROADWAY
s3229 Christine 1949 s3225 Steve
s3230 Thomas 1841 s0775 Martha
s3232 Alfred 1878 s0057 Alice Louisa KING
s3232 Alfred 1900 s0057
s3233 Sarah 1867 s0057 William G. BARRICK
s3234 Emily 1878 s0002 George COBB
s3235 Ada 1880 s0002 Sidney Charles ROPER
s3239 Edmund 1839 s0006 Elizabeth MEAD
s3243 William 1858 s0982 Matilda Jane
s3248 Henry 1843 s0775 Martha EATON
s3249 Matthew 1874 s3248 Annie Gertrude OWEN
s3361 Thomas 1887 s3192 Florence WARREN
s3362Alfred 1904 s3192 Isabella POPE
s3633Benjamin 1938 s3362 Maureen BILVERSTONE
s3364Samantha 1964 s3363 Marcus KOCH
s3365Diana 1969 s363 Mathew MERRIMAN
s3366Alfred 1924 s3362 Edna
s3367Brian c1949 s3366 Linda / Midge
s3368Derek c1949 s3366Irene
s3369 Walter 1880 s1421 Ellen
s3370 Jane 1875 s1421 <Unknown>
s3371 Howard 1901 s3370 Margaret Helen PRICE
s3382 Debra 155 s3223 Christopher KIRBY
s3383 Denis 1949 s3223 Hazel
s3384 Wendy 1957 s3223 Tony MOORE
s3385 Robert 1957 s3223 Christine
s3386 Amanda 1964 s3223 Terry LAWS
t0003 William 1665 sUnkn Mary